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Easy and Simple Weight Loss -

The Austrian Advantage"

  15 pounds and 5 years less in 30 days


Even if you have less than an average body …

Even if you’ve never succeeded at losing weight before … 

Even if spas, stylists, and hairdresser visits never have made you look and feel younger before …

 Even if you have stubborn body wrinkles … 

Even if you feel older as the minutes pass by — Right here on this web page you will find the body wrinkles cure, easy-to-follow anti aging workouts, surge de-aging, nutrition, and rejuvenation blueprint and the successful motivational system that you’ve been looking for!

Regardless of your age, by adding on only one simple strategy and by focusing on only one simple recommendation a day at home you can…  

·        Easy and Simple Lose Weight

·        Live 100 Years in Perfect Health

·        Look and Feel Younger than Your Age

·        Flood Your Body with Outstanding Energy


·        Move with the Confidence of a  Competitive Athlete

·        Enjoy Super Joint Mobility

·        Get Fit Without Gyms

·        Increase Mental Clarity and Productiveness

·        Not Be Passed Over when It Comes to Promotions

·        Stay Strong, Powerful, and Independent Instead of Weak and


·        Sleep Five Hours a Day and Still Feel Like A 20 Year Old

·        Get a Smaller Butt, Legs, and Waist

Dear Friend,

The numbers are staggering …

David lost 42 lbs in 10 weeks, Amy lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks, Aloysee lost 7 lbs in 1 week, Adam lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks …

That is the power of "The Austrian Advantage - Easy and Simple Weight Loss and Age Loss System". Yes, some of them started at 250 lbs., where the initial weight lost can be easier. But some of them started at 130 lbs and wanted to reach a 110-lbs weight target. You can discover exactly how they did it using a different skill set that you need to learn about.

Ask anyone who has lost weight and changed his or her body and appearance. He or she will tell you it is because of a “continuing change in strategies” that work for them, and not with an approach that supposedly fits everyone.

If you don’t have some type of “system” built into your weight loss plan, you won’t achieve real success in achieving a real, sustainable, lifetime weight loss, one where you don’t have to live calorie to calorie or worry about what exactly you need to do in your next workout to achieve your results.

And this is the best part: there are so many different ways to create success in weight loss—strategies that fit your age, genetics, background, schedule, metabolism, and lifestyle. 

Here are some examples:

  •  Workouts at home or outdoor

  •  Implementing 2-, 7- or 14-day rejuvenation programs

  • Interval strength training or cardio training

  •  Cross training, speed training, agility training or strength training

  • Circuit training with equipment or without

  • Eating out or cooking in

  • 15-, 20-, 30- or 60-minute workouts

  • “Cheat days” that make you feel you’re not on a weight loss program at all

Why Should You Listen to Me?

You are about to discover what might be the most powerful weight loss strategy system ever developed. It’s is the same approach that Austrians use to stay fit and young even in older age, and it is the same diet approach that many very successful slender people implemented to stay thin and to reach 100 to 120 years.

A little about myself: My name is Stefan Aschan and I grew up in Austria, in a little village that had 20 houses and three farms, which kept even the old youthful and fit and the young strong, lean, and thin. There I learned at an early age the pleasures and importance of having an active lifestyle and the joy of food. Because of Austrians’ active lifestyle and the way we eat, we tend to have strong, lean, energized bodies and exceptionally healthy hearts for life. Even older men and women look youthful and fit, and we live until we are 90 years old and older. 

Since coming to the United States more than a decade ago, I’ve helped more than 5,000 clients and customers change they way they think about food, exercise, and themselves. I have done this through group fitness classes, boot camp classes, weekend trips, one-on-one personal training, personal coaching, cooking classes, nutrition counseling, and newsletters. 

I hold a degree in culinary arts from Europe, multiple certifications in fitness from various schools in America and Europe, and I am finishing a master’s degree in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health. , I’ve spent my life learning how the body works and how it responds to changes in exercise and eating habits.

As a personal trainer, naturepath and motivational coach, I’ve taken hard looks at the most problematic areas for both men and women: bellies, thighs and hips. I’ve come to realize that, for most people, the problem isn’t excessive fat tissue. The real problem is a lack of understanding about how the body works, and why the right foods and exercise can make all the difference.

What I learned from growing up in Austria, combined with multiple certifications in fitness (AFFA, ACE, Reebok University, etc.), a culinary arts degree, and a master’s in holistic nutrition, helped me to develop a wealth of material and a 100% guaranteed system for keeping or achieving a youthful, strong, and energetic body. I show my clients the strategies that I have learned growing up. 

For YOU I combined those strategies and my education into an easy-to-follow blueprint for weight loss and age loss. I guarantee it and I have the results to prove it:

Susan Hudson, 51, Former CEO, Fortune 500 Company

Thank you for changing my life. Post-menopausal, at 51, I thought all I had to look forward to was a downhill slump of more sagging and drooping. In less than two months, your exercises and nutritional recipes have helped me to lose the fat and restore tone and muscle to my body, and have given me more energy than I have had in 20 years. My friends tell me I look 35, and I have the energy I had at 20. And my sexual appetite has been rekindled!  You are a miracle worker. By the way, do you have another recipe for chicken that I can try?

I have lost 25 lbs in 12 weeks, with proper diet and exercise, and I am motivated to get to and stay at a more appropriate weight.  With commitment on my part and Stefan's help, I am confident that I will accomplish my goals. 

Joseph Mueller, 55, President, Hedge Fund

I needed help. I had gained almost 20 pounds because of my intense travel schedule, and my eating habits were out of control. Exercise was not a possibility as traveling and my intense work schedule drained my energy. In short, I was in a downward spiral and needed to get out of it.

Stefan’s programs, Strength 123 and Mental Detox, helped me to lose 19 pounds in eight weeks. Yet, this was not the only benefit that I have experienced. I changed my attitude from “no, I can’t” to “yes, I can.” I feel confident and in control again. I have more energy. The best part of Stefan’s programs is that they are feasible and can be done anywhere. They have worked for me and I am confident that they will work for you!

Susan Chagrin, 55, Event Organizer

Just wanted to say a big THANKS for all of your notes of encouragement, for giving me a program that is worth my money and works in all the right problem spots – painful as it may be!

I feel much better now than I did a couple of months ago: running is easier, my clothes all fit better, and I don't cringe quite as much when I have to look in a full view mirror, so I think I'm headed in the right direction!

Stephanie Young, 52, Health Editor, More Magazine

I signed up to work out with Stefan Aschan of Strength 123 for probably the same reasons many women do: to tone, tighten, and maybe lighten myself by a few pounds. Stefan has helped me achieve those goals but he has done more that just change the number on the scale. He has given me a deep appreciation for how my body works. It’s as if he handed me the owner’s manual to my body and showed me how to operate this amazing machine of mine. He has unlocked a whole new world of physical possibilities for me. Wow! The things I can do that I never knew I could! Thank you, Stefan.


What Makes This Breakthrough Program So Exciting Is That it Gives You the Power to…

   Enjoy food that tastes good without restrictions. No, diet food, sugar-free, fat- free, and carb-free does not taste good. It does not satisfy your palate and your systems. It does make you sick and hungrier, and most your good intentions will go out the window when you eat these foods. This will not happen on my program. I am introducing a new eating program that builds up your taste palate and introduces beneficial nutrition to make your metabolism and other systems work effectively and efficiently again. You will learn how to eat for breakfast, snacks, and main courses, and you will learn how to eat foods that are most beneficial for you and effective for weight loss.  My methods will help you lose fat and gain the confidence to wear sexy clothes. Imagine having this confidence on a beach vacation!

Use the strategies in your home, in the park, or wherever you wish by following a blueprint for simple activity. It is a fact that motivation is a major issue when it comes to activity and changing to an active lifestyle. Many fail because they don’t enjoy the activity they perform. They don’t find the time to drive to the gym or just don’t want to do it because it is not pleasant.  I have the solution for you. This system will teach you the only way to stay active and to feel good about yourself, with or without exercise. I reveal programs to you that you can do by following your time schedule, preferences, and daily motivation. Learn how to stay fit and strong even in a weak economy without having to pay for a gym membership.

   Stay/Be injury free and improve back issues. It is a fact that many get injured during exercise. Why? Because they don’t know how to create a strong foundation, how to control the movements, and what exercises build a strong body. This will set you back. I am announcing the three most important activities that you can do while you sit or just walk to work. You not only will learn those activities but you also will learn a system you can implement to prevent boredom while keeping you away from surgery.


    Lose fat without drugs or surgery. Eating can be an addiction. Drinking can be an addiction. The combination of the two leads to low energy and a tired, weak, and obese body. The truth is that habits that cannot be controlled with drugs or surgery need to be broken. It is a fact that addiction will remain an addiction, even when it is handled with drugs or surgery, unless you change you behaviors. This program will help you learn how to develop a new decision-making process, how to implement new decisions, and how to see the results with a simple adjustment of food distribution. Quickly, you will learn a new way of living with my support. 

   Live 100 years in perfect health. Aging can cause many unforeseen obstacles, starting with heart disease, immobility, cancers, and loss of youth. Fear not. What if these diseases can be prevented? And what if you could discover the prevention techniques? How much would this be worth to you? In my program, I will introduce you to an easy solution that will help you accomplish this, and it takes only two days! Only two days. Two days that many fit, healthy individuals who have stayed young guarantee worked for them. Now, you can learn this secret from an individual who has spent his life helping others to stay, feel, and be young.

Michelle Torio, 32, Inventory Management

My wedding is in August and I hired a trainer. The results were good, but not satisfactory. I plateaued and my weight and shape were stagnant. That’s when I hired Stefan’s Strength 123 program. I received much more than a new body and a new attitude. I learned about the foods that benefit me and gained a program I can follow at home and in the gym.

I went from 161 to 152 pounds, changed my body fat percentage from 37 to 32.5 and lost a total of 7.5 inches in less then seven weeks! Besides losing weight and eating foods that I did not know of before, I am stronger, feel and look smaller, and I have improved my posture, my strength, and my cardio system. Now, I am not afraid to sweat and I push myself much harder than I ever would have before.

Jane Stack, 44, Director of Sales, Publications International, Inc.

My pants did not fit anymore and I needed help. Stefan’s program came highly recommended from a great friend of mine. In nine weeks, I am skinnier, more toned, stronger, and have more energy. Yet, it was not just his Strength 123 program. The Mental Detox program and newsletters helped to change my eating habits, to implement changes and to stay focused.

What people fail to see is that the nutrition and workouts go hand in hand. Stefan’s program will change your workout and eating regimen. It works.

Adrian Ashkenazy, 33, CFO, Prudential Real Estate Investors – Latin America

Since starting with the Strength 123 and Mental Detox program, I have acquired specific knowledge about nutrition and my body. 

Before the program, I ate and exercised without a plan and without the tools to change. Now I know the difference between beneficial and detrimental foods.  I also understand how to change my body-positioning and posture to eliminate movements that previously had led to terrible back pain. Most importantly, my wife is happy that I am taking care of myself.

Matt Nadel, 38, Trader

My close friend, Rammy, referred me to Stefan. You will get some good challenging workouts, he said, and this was the case. Weight loss was not my focus but I went from 225 to 195 pounds, I gained flexibility, and built up strength that I now put to use when I play recreational sports. As a trader on Wall Street, lifting weights does not keep my attention – I need more intensity. I need to be challenged and need to see results.  Stefan’s programs delivered on both the challenge AND the results.


Now my program has been featured in major, well-known, prestigious magazines and newspapers such as Fitness, Shape, More, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Style, First Woman, Continental Magazine, the New York Times, the New York Sun and Forbes. I currently am a regular contributor to ABCnews.com, The Huffington Post and Affluent magazine and can be seen on The Morning News Show on CW11. You may have seen my photos, coverage or articles in some of the magazines or the internet.


For The First Time Ever Alpine Strategies Are Revealed ....

Introducing for the first time ever, “The Austrian Advantage – Easy and Simple Weight Loss and Age Loss”: A Complete Body Transformation System on the Cellular Level based on Keys from a Little Village in Austria in combination with Studies from the Best Schools in the Culinary Arts, Nutrition, and Fitness Abroad and in the United States.


Implement the program and you will achieve these benefits – guaranteed:

Achieve a flat belly to feel confident in front of a mirror

A leaner, defined, toned body

Easy and simple lose weight and keep it off - forever

You will run up the stairs and feel more energy instead of fatigue

A killer change of appearance to feel chic, sexy, and admired

Improve your body shape to fit into clothes up to three dress sizes smaller 

Be more mentally alert to get work done fast

Buy the clothes that you want without embarrassment in the dressing room

Blueprint for exercises that work to implement at any place; even at home or the park

Stay independent through older age

Keep or build up strength to stay young and strong

Receive motivational support to keep going when it gets rough - No, I don't let you quit

Stay active and focused in your profession to earn more income

Don’t be passed over when it comes to promotions

Go food shopping and know what to buy to achieve your goals

What to say when going out to stay on your program to achieve change

Do all the things that you haven’t done before such as hiking mountains with your children and grandchildren

Be more productive

A program for at-home and the outdoors

Gain new thinking about activity

Avoid injuries that result in setbacks

Spent less time to prepare meals that are delicious to be able to spend more time with friends and family

New outlook on life 

Maintain flexibility

Stay pain-free and achieve pain-free joints

Prevent wear and tear on your body

Maintain and achieve a pain-free lower back

Receive defined arms

Improved digestion, metabolism, and energy

Improve immune system and avoid depression

Expect a smaller waist

Build slimmer legs, arms, and butt

Admiration for your natural glowing skin

Less acne and skin problems

Improved sleep

Cleansing of the inner systems

Strengthen and improve core to improve balance, strength, and agility

Provide cell food to fight diseases

Stay agile to keep up with your children and grandchildren

Burn fat fast

Lose 10 pounds in 14 days

Stamina of a 20 year old


That All Sounds Good But What Will I Actually Learn?

Here is just a sample of what you will learn when you download your copy of “The Austrian Advantage - Easy and Simple Weight Loss and Age Loss”:

·        The single most important thing you must do before you start any kind of body transformation program. Without this, you never will succeed.

·        The most overlooked exercises that you need to implement while exercising to achieve an athletic, injury-free body even in older age.

·        A simple to follow 8-week program for your nutrition and exercise program so that you can focus on the execution rather than trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

·        How to jump-start your systems and metabolism with foods that are the most beneficial for you and lose up to 5- 8 pounds in 14 days.

·        Strategies to implement when the going gets tough and you want to throw in the towel – as so many dieters do – to bounce back to the weight and physical condition you used to be.

·        The top foods that you NEVER should eat and the top foods that are the most beneficial for you.

·        The one fact that nobody seems to want you to know, about how to surge your nutrition, surge your body, and surge your life.

·        The strategy to implement when everything else has failed to achieve success even after years of trying through trial and error, and by implementing every new discovery as it came out on the market.

·        A program you can execute right at your home, without paying for a gym membership. No more excuses not to go. No more excuses not to have time.

·        The exercise approach to implement to build a toned and athletic body vs. a body-building body.

·        When to use stretching – before or after an exercise program? And why. And what happens if you don’t focus on improving your flexibility though your transformation program. Learn a full body stretching routine that can be executed in 7 or 21 minutes to stay fit and flexible.

·        Which approach burns not just the most calories but the most fat calories overall.

·        The system you can use to prevent boredom in any kind of exercise program – and achieve big results.

·        Threats to your success that can hold you back and sabotage you, which you need to be aware off.

·        6 solutions that you must follow to stay committed to succeed.

And believe me… this is just the beginning. The Austrian Advantage program is just so much more than a program. It is a complete system to revamp, change, and reform your nutrition, body, and life. This is a system that includes it all: your nutritional program, movement program, and motivational program – not just one or two that you will receive in a gym. This is the real deal, as you can find only here in this program.

No Matter What Your Goals Are. This Program Is For Everyone Who Wants To See Dramatic Changes And Feel a Dramatic Difference. You Can Start This Powerful System Right Now To Get Leaner, Stronger, And Better Looking Naked Then Ever Before.

Sure, you can say this is not for me. This is only for strong-minded individuals who are exercise and health nuts. The fact is that this program has been used successfully by individuals who are 280 pounds and 130 pounds, and who wanted to lose 150-plus pounds and 15-plus pounds. It has been used by individuals such as CEOs, writers, models, magazine editors, doctors, assistant managers, managing directors, business owners, sales associates, lawyers, accountants, professional dancers, photographers … You name it. They are very busy individuals with social lives, careers, and families. You don’t have to live in a gym all day to get fantastic results with this system.

“The Austrian Advantage – Easy and Simple Weight Loss and Age Loss” is perfect for men and women of any age who want to see lasting changes outside their body and feel the difference of rejuvenation throughout their body!

Debbie Leong, 43, Magazine industry

I had been in the magazine industry for ten years and read every article on healthy eating, worked in the beauty and fashion industry for the next eight years and also gained the knowledge of how to be beautiful on the outside!

However, over the last ten years, including having a child and dealing with post-pregnancy weight gain, I had ignored all what I knew, and lived by restricting my food intake and keeping my energy level up with sugar and Diet Coke, mixed in with a weekly spinning class (to kid myself that I was healthy) and to sustain the crazy pace of life that we all live while having a career and a family in Manhattan.

I knew my eating habits were bad, but at 43, I was a size 4 weighing 118 pounds at 5-foot-8 and rarely had a pimple – so what was going to make me change?

My husband took action, and signed me up with Stefan’s program.

I was skeptical at first, but Stefan made it quite clear that my eating was appalling, my cardio nonexistent, and that regardless of the 20 years I had spent in health clubs I could not even hold my body correctly to perform a lunge! A little shocked at first, I left our first session with literature on a Mental Detox™ and study Alignment Activation and Elongation program.

I stuck to his diet to the letter for two weeks, followed his simple fun recipes, and fortunately I was not working so I could take it really easy, as the first week was hell. By the second, I was confidently on a roll, seeing a huge improvement in my skin already and waking up with energy that I only had gotten before after a cookie/chocolate or Diet Coke!

Stefan’s program became enjoyable as I naturally began to hold my body correctly and felt the satisfaction of performing strength exercises correctly; I very quickly started to feel stronger and did not wake up the next morning in agony.

 After a seven-week period, I look back on my old eating habits as a crime to myself, wondering why it took Stefan to set me straight. Either way, his programs worked!

Turn back the clock was his promise; well, the continual comments about how refreshed I look is testament to that. But his greatest success is that his continual encouragement in the sessions and via constant updates via e-mail has turned my addiction for chocolate, cookies, and Diet Coke to foods that are most nutritious for my body.

I am proud of my whole foods shopping cart, not guiltily hiding it in that long and endless line, as I make good choices.

Thanks Stefan. My husband is very pleased with his investment... and more importantly, I have turned from the worst to the best example for my 6-year-old son!

End Your Confusion and Start Mental Detox™

I do love the media. They work very hard to make news and to make a living. We all have to pay our bills. However, in order to sell stories, something needs to be NEW and IMPROVED. Many times, you will just read one little part of an important study or just one part of important facts. I am not surprised that you get more and more confused day by day by following so-called gurus. It feels like you are having nightmares with open eyes and you can’t get out of it. Believe me, I understand.

Some “gurus” or so-called “experts” tell you to exercise only 10 minutes a day, or to eat only one kind of food for three days. Or have you heard about low fat; sugar-free and carb-free; no exercises to receive a six-pack; no movements to improve your entire systems?

It is enough! Detox your brain and the rest will follow. That’s where Mental Detox™ comes in.

We are talking about staying young, feeling young, and being young. Have you seen children who don’t move? It is difficult to keep them still. They move without being told to do so. Why? Because it is fun. It has to be fun. Learn about the fun and easy movements that you can implement right now even in the privacy in your own home.

The More You Read and Try to Implement, the More You Set Yourself Up for Failure. Who Can You Believe?

If you are frustrated, confused, over bombarded with information about how, when, and where to exercise and what, when, and how to eat, “The Austrian Advantage - Easy and Simple Weight Loss and Age Loss” is the program that will ring your bell.

Do you remember a point in time when you had success? Remember the wow effect: I got it? I understand it? You will say: Now I get it. Now I understand it. You will understand a lifestyle that has been lived from the successful, disease-free and ever-young individuals even at an older age. This program will solve the movement, flexibility, strength, diet, energy, and confidence puzzle. You will learn all this and everything else to change your habits, implement working strategies, and learn to stay motivated – and you will see results quickly.

Who Is This Program Not For?

This program is not for you if you want to become a Body Builder. This program is not for you if you want to become an Olympic Athlete. This program is not for you if you are looking for the 7 foods to eat and the 7 exercises to learn that will bring you success.

This program is for those of you who want to see and make life style changes, not just in your appearance, but physically, and  mentally. This program is for those of you who are looking for answers to improve skin, muscle tone, agility, and confidence. This program is for those of you who plan to stay independent and live 100 years in perfect health and who want to look and feel strong, lean, chic, and sexy with or without clothes. And this program is for those who like to easy and simple lose weight and keep it off once and for all.



"Nourish yourself to Live 100 years in Perfect Health”  

Your nourishment integrity! 

How to stay young and fit in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 80’s with one simple key principle. 

Stefan's new FREE bonus e-book!

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The lifestyle changes most people try to implement don’t work –     85 percent fall right back where they started from!

January is the best example. How many times have you tried or have heard of others who have tried to lose weight? Yes, they succeeded through a crash diet but went straight back to where they started.

No, trial and error doesn’t work. Why waste your time trying to figure out what works or doesn’t when you have a proven comprehensive approach right here? Studies have revealed that success is accomplished through only one specific approach: “Neuro Linguistic Programming.” If you want to be successful, follow the behavior of someone who has accomplished what you are trying to accomplish.

A change of attitude toward food and movements is all it takes. What kind of movements? What kind of food? What kind of thinking? It’s easy to figure out, right? Unfortunately it is not.

Why you will get this comprehensive approach here and nowhere else

Austrians, who live in the mountains, know this approach since they were growing up. Track them down; you will find some of them. And you could communicate with them to ask their secret of a healthy lifestyle, to lose weight, to learn their attitude toward activities and life. But, how can they communicate the knowledge of a systematic approach? Also, they don’t know all of the secrets that I have discovered studying exercise and nutrition for years and working with 5,000 plus clients to change their bodies successfully.

This is a program that combines both: the knowledge from an Austrian of what has been done in a little village over centuries and the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years of my studies.

There is nobody else who can communicate to you the secrets and knowledge of this comprehensive approach. There is only one person; this is me: Stefan Aschan.

Why I reveal this program to the general public for the first time

My goal is to help, educate, and inform as many people as possible. For years, the only way you would have had access to this information is if you worked with me one-on-one for $250 an hour. Even with this fee, I had a waiting list for individuals who looked for the ultimate body transformation to lose fat, tone up, and change their facial appearance.

The book, the infomercial, and negotiations for a reality show are keeping my daily schedule extremely busy. And even if I wanted to take on another client, I couldn’t as I have a waiting list for three to four weeks for nutritional counseling and a longer waiting list of new individuals for personal training/coaching.

Because this program is available as e-brochures and e-videos, you can download it right here for instant access. It is just minutes away. And because of the Internet, it can be downloaded at any location, even in Japan, Alaska, and Russia. Just a few steps away, you can find the secrets of how to live 100 years with good health and to feel chic and sexy with or without clothes.

Dana Bol, 44, Film Editing/Visual Effects

I was looking for a program that could help me to lose weight, improve strength and cardio, and have energy for my climbing that I love to do in my free time. It was difficult for me to design a program myself to see the results that I was looking for. Stefan’s Strength123 program did what I needed to accomplish.

I've lost around seven pounds in three weeks.  I'm going over roofs at the crag much more easily and just feel better (more energetic).  I shop the way I usually do, and have moved things around a bit in the nutrition program to adjust it to my daily schedule and taste. I eat a little more when I'm climbing and a little less the day after. Overall, I follow the program pretty diligently

Thanks again for all your input...my arms are also looking better – yeah!

Kerry Lester, 32, Senior Manager/CPA with Deloitte & Touche LLP

My first experience working with Stefan’s program was a result of gift from a very dear and old friend.... and a gift it most certainly was...a gift I presently define as "the gift that keeps on giving."   Prior to working with his program, I was a loyal gym member, attending either a class or working out on my own three to five times per week.

Unfortunately, I wasn't really achieving the results that I wanted.  What was soft stayed soft, despite my best intentions.  After working out with Stefan’s program, I soon discovered that what I thought was "good enough" … quite frankly wasn't "good enough" at all.  I wasn't addressing my own desires or goals as a result of my own defined workouts and dietary habits.  I didn't have the information to coach myself appropriately or the structure I needed from both a physical and mental standpoint.

His program quickly assessed what "drove me" as an individual and structured my workouts accordingly.  After about a month of weekly workouts coupled with my commitment to the two-week Mental Detox program, I REALLY am seeing results where I want to see them. I can feel them within me.  Committing to the Mental Detox program was definitely a challenge...especially in a city where there is an overwhelming abundance of delicious food and drink.  But I did it with the help of Stefan's recipes, guidance and support. 

Through Stefan's program, I was able to commit myself to something that was actually good for me.... in all the physical, mental, and emotional capacities.  Although I am officially off "Mental Detox" now, I have tried to adopt a lifestyle that includes the elements of the Mental Detox program, and some of the NYC aspects that I love. I am all about moderation.  

I am now enjoying a lifestyle complemented with a healthy lifestyle that results in the body that I desire...without necessarily giving up everything that makes life fun.  I have found that his program is flexible, was adjustable to my own personal desires, goals, and values, and ultimately caters to me as a customer in an appropriate fashion that maintains both my physical and mental well-being. 

Stefan’s program was a gift to me. Find in him a gift for yourself…you are worth it! 


The proven advantage is “The Austrian Advantage”

“The Austrian Advantage” program will include the following:

You get two fun and incredible easy-to-follow shape building and toning workouts:

DVD – STRENGTH 123 WORKOUT [downloadable]

1) Lean and strong –The Starter Program

Stefan leads you through his basic fundamental toning moves to reshape, trim, and strengthen your body.

2) Burn the fat and shape your body – The Experienced Program

Develop an athletic body – an intense, full-body interval workout that will shape your body and lead to dramatic results.
You get easy-to-use implementation tools:

Quick-Start Program 

Stefan’s secrets to success, including easy-to-follow organizational chart, planning chart, and implementation guide.

Stretching Program 
Fit and Flexible! Stefan’s stretching routine to relax and lengthen muscles.

The Ultimate Core Conditioning Program

Stefan’s 12 moves to improve core and function, including ABS 123.

Burn the Fat Cardio Program 

Burn Fat Fast! Stefan’s exciting and fast fat burning program you won’t want to end!

You receive a nutrition-for-life blueprint program:

Detox and Rejuvenate! 

Stefan’s 14-day easy to follow Mental Detox ™ nutritional program to lose 10 pounds in 15 days.

Hudry Wusch Recipes

Sixty recipes in the easy, fast 1-2-3 approach, including the 14-day dining program.  

Shopping List

Go shopping and know what to buy. This list will cut down the time you spend searching for items that you can eat.

Quick Start Mental Detox Chart

Easy to use and follow when everything else fails. Results are guaranteed; you will lose weight and change your body with this chart.



Order today and receive FREE BONUSES worth AT LEAST $985!


3) Build and Define with rubber bands 

Stefan’s sculpt and tone program to reshape your problem areas.

4) Tone, Shape, and Balance with a medicine ball 

Your fast-track program that tones three muscles or more with each move.

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126 Easy Recipes for Maximum Sports Performance!


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Commit and change. Stefan’s motivational, educational, and fun newsletters to help you succeed in changing and committing to your new lifestyle.

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